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Over sixty years ago, Chas Heilbronn opened his first clothing store in Monto, Queensland.

It was a family business then, and it remains a family business, now run by second and third generations. Chas Heilbronn saw the original store expanded and built a new store in the town in 1976. This completed, he retired and the business was taken over by his son, Cliff.

Cliff was no stranger to the business, having worked in the store from the age of fifteen. Cliff and his wife, Joan kept up the family tradition of carrying large stocks, selling at good prices, and giving personal service. The result has been word of mouth advertising that has attracted customers from a wide area of Queensland and even Interstate. Cliff and Joan have two daughters, Julie and Gillian. Both have been in the family business for more than five years.

Monto has a district population of 3000 people, many of them retirees, and relies mainly on rural activities. The main industries are grazing, dairying, grain growing and timber cutting. The district also has a butter factory and two sawmills.

In 1985, Heilbronn's expanded into the neighbouring town of Biloela, a town of about 5500 people, and surrounded by heavy industry. There's the Moura coalmine, Callide Powerstation, the cotton ginnery and a meatworks - all providing employment and a good cash flow for the town.

Heilbronn's now has three stores in Biloela, including a department store carrying an extensive range that includes men's clothing (industrial, suiting and casual), ladies' and children's wear, travel goods, manchester and shoes.

Customers enjoy shopping in Heilbronn's stores because we offer them a choice of merchandise that matches stores in much larger towns. The business has been built with top labels across all areas of apparel and always with the best service and fantastic prices. We have a huge range of Akubra hats to satisfy a country-oriented demand. The most popular are Cattleman, Colly, Arena, Bronco and Woomera. 

Stocking the four stores gives us good buying power and we are able to offer our customers very attractive in-store prices. With the lower overheads afforded by the Internet, we have been able to slash prices for online purchases. We hope you can take advantage of our move to online sales.

Heilbronn's Mensland in Biloela

H E I L B R O N N ' S   M E N S L A N D ACN: 42060010700 ABN: 060010700

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Kariboe Street, Biloela Q 4715
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